Internal Medicine

Digital Radiology Services

Our on-site, modern X-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders. Radiology – or X-rays – help our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular gastrointestinal, dental, reproductive and urinary systems.

Digital x-rays (radiographs) allow greater sensitivity for viewing all body parts. We are able to diagnose foreign bodies that would not be visible on film x-ray. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools to provide a list of possible causes for a pet’s condition or to rule out other diseases. Images created in a digital format also make it much easier to make copies of your pet’s x-rays for referral or travel if needed.


Diagnostic ultrasound is a great tool in veterinary medicine. This state-of-the-art technology uses sound waves rather than radiation (as used in x-rays) to thoroughly examine specific internal organs. It is a pain-free, non-invasive way for veterinarians to diagnose many problems with your beloved pet.

Through ultrasound, doctors can get a thorough view of your pet’s internal organs. It allows doctors to visually assess the function of the heart, tumors, liver disease, kidney disease, bladder stones, pregnancy, and much more without invasive surgery.

As we strive to ensure we provide the best in veterinary care for your pet, we offer this state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic testing for our patients. Dr. Shannon Johnson of Johnson Veterinary Services will come to the clinic to performs the ultrasounds. She has completed advanced degrees in Ultrasonography.


Bloodwork and laboratory tests are essential in the diagnostic treatment of your pet.

Whether through our in-house lab work or in partnership with an outside lab, we can perform a variety of tests including blood profiles, disease screenings, and pre-surgical bloodwork.

Through these tests we can more quickly and effectively monitor your pet’s condition, diagnose illnesses, and make referrals to specialists for more extensive concerns.

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