• Plan ahead and be prepared! Watch closely for cold weather advisories on the news.
  • Be sure to have pet necessities (food, litter, etc.) already well-stocked in the event of a winter storm.
  • Keep animals indoors as much as possible.
  • If animals remain outdoors, make sure they have access to a draft-free shelter. This shelter should be large enough for your pet(s) to stand up and turn around in, yet small enough to retain body heat.
  • Remember that outdoor and stray cats will sometimes create their own draft-free shelters near the engine of cars during the winter. Therefore, it is important to check under your car, bang on the hood, and honk the horn before starting the engine. This will encourage nesting cats to abandon the vehicle.
  • Bathe animals less, especially outdoor animals. Wet fur can cause animals to become extremely cold, which is very uncomfortable but may also lead to serious health issues for the pet.

Special Holiday Hours

  • Christmas Eve: 8 AM- 1 PM
  • Christmas Day: Closed
  • New Year’s Eve: 8 AM- 1 PM
  • New Year’s Day: Closed
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Bo Hall

Pet photo of the month

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