Quality of Life: How Do I Know When It’s Time?

The quality of your pet’s life is defined by his or her overall physical and mental well-being.Our pets are often so stoic that assessing their quality of life cannot be done without difficulty. The goal of end of life care for our pets is to manage their condition and minimize their suffering as best as possible. When that goal is no longer achievable, euthanasia may be an option you want to consider.If you are concerned about your pet’s quality of life, talk to one of our veterinarians for more resources and guidance.

Euthanasia: A “Good Death”

Deciding to euthanize a pet is never an easy decision to make. Our pets become our beloved family members, and having to decide when to say goodbye is a very tough load to bear. However, when your pet’s quality of life has diminished, you may decide that euthanasia is the kindest thing to do for them. The term “euthanasia” actually means “gooddeath” in Greek, and often, by electing euthanasia, we are able to give our pets just that, a peaceful goodbye.

It’s All Fun and Games until Someone Has to Go to the Vet: Dangerous Toys for Your Pets

Our pets can make toys out of almost anything they find. However, not all household items are safe for our pets. The items listed in the table below are particularly dangerous and should be kept away ies/ rubber bads

Hair ties/ rubber bands
Intestinal obstruction
String/ dental floss/ribbon
Intestinal obstruction (esp. in cats)
Plastic bags
Mouthand stomach ulcers
Metal toxicity
Small children’s toys
Intestinal obstruction/ metal toxicity

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