Protect Your Pets With Preventive Medicine

By Jamie Jordan –

What if I told you it would be much less expensive to use preventive medicine than to treat your dog or cat for an illness later? Well, it’s true. Annual exams, spaying/neutering, regular vaccines, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention can all keep your dog or cat happy and healthy at a much lower cost than the treatment of disease or illnesses they are otherwise susceptible to.

New puppy/kitten exams are a great way to get your pet started on a healthy life. Maintain your pet’s health with annual exams, as many illnesses can be difficult for an untrained eye to pick up. The sooner the ailment is discovered the better it is for your pet’s health.

Preventive medications can save your pets from:

Heartworms- which are transmitted from mosquitoes and can be lethal to your pet. Fleas- that can cause skin issues along with making your pet completely uncomfortable. Ticks- which cause an array of diseases including Lyme disease. Talk to your veterinarian about what preventive medications are best for your dogs and cats.

We offer an abundance of vaccines for dogs and cats based on their lifestyle. For cats we offer Rabies vaccines, Felv vaccines- to protect against feline leukemia, and FVRCP vaccines- to protect against upper respiratory diseases and panleukopenia. For dogs we have Rabies vaccines, Da2pp vaccines- to protect from distemper which is extremely contagious, parvovirus, also a highly contagious and deadly disease, and respiratory disease, Lepto vaccines- to protect against Leptospirosis a zoonotic disease, Bordetella

vaccine- to protect against “kennel cough”, Lyme vaccines- to protect against Lyme disease, and a Rattlesnake vaccine. Not all of these vaccines are right for everyone. Talk to your veterinarian about which ones are best for your pets.

Spaying can protect both female dogs and cats from mammary cancer, ovarian cancers and cysts, uterine infections, and unwanted pregnancies. For male dogs and cats neutering can help prevent some prostate disease, testicular cancers, perianal cancer, and perineal hernias. It can also prevent your cat or dog from wandering off and keep those male cats from spraying in your home.Talk to your veterinarian about what is best for your pet’s preventive care.

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