Pet Nutrition

By:Jamie Jordan – 

Nutrition is important to your pets health because just like people, they need the correct vitamins and nutrients for a balanced diet. If they don’t get the nutrients they need it can create an array of health issues and leave them at a higher risk for illness or injury. A diet too dense in calories and fats can cause obesity which also presents a multitude of health problems.

Your pet’s diet should be personalized based on

species, age, weight, and health factors. These are all variables your veterinarian takes into account when deciding what dietary options are best for your dog or cat. A discussion about nutrition and diet is part of the annual wellness exam and new puppy or kitten visits. However, anytime you have questions about what your pet should be eating, we are happy to help you.

Some signs that your pet might be suffering from obesity are: excessive flesh

collecting around the neck, base of the tail, and

abdominal region. Sometimes sores may occur or the pet may have difficulty grooming and/or breathing. Exercise may become increasingly taxing for them. Other factors, besides diet, can contribute to weight gain in your pet. For this reason it is important to consult your veterinarian before making diet and exercise changes.

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