The Sweet Spot of Managing a Diabetic Pet

By: Jamie Jordan –

When pets get diagnosed with Diabetes it can seem like a heavy burden, but with some patience, training, and our veterinary team your cat or dog’s diabetes can be well managed.

The most common form of canine and feline Diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus(DM) also known as sugar diabetes. This form of Diabetes can cause your pet to have an increase in thirst, frequent urination, an increase in appetite, and weight loss. In more severe cases Diabetic Ketoacidosis can occur and your pet may develop vomiting, lethargy, and rapid breathing. If your pet is having any of these symptoms you should seek veterinary assistance.

Testing is required to best diagnose and treat canine and feline DM. Glucose tests are used to manage your pet’s insulin levels to ensure that your pet is getting the proper amount of insulin. DM can affect other key organs in the body, so your veterinarian may choose more diagnostic testing based on your pets symptoms, age, and general health.

Once your veterinarian has put in place the proper plan for your pet’s Diabetes Mellitus our trusting staff will walk you through every step ensuring that you have all the proper training. With a little patience and our team at your side, you and your pet’s DM can be well managed.

Tainted Ticks

Warm weather means spending more time outside. This can leave dogs vulnerable to Lyme infected ticks. Most of us think of Lyme disease as a problem in the Northeast and upper Midwest, but recent studies have revealed the presence of the causative organism in the Lone Star tick found here in the southeastern U.S. Lyme disease can cause lethargy, fever, and lameness, but can be difficult to diagnose as symptoms can vary.

Tick prevention is a great place to start but most products require the tick to bite in order for the product to rid your pet of these creepy crawlers. This is why our veterinary team recommends adding a Lyme vaccine to your dog’s core vaccines.

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