Canine Diabetes Success Story: Pancake Graham

Last year, my little 8-year old malti-poo, Pancake, was diagnosed with diabetes. Until then, I hadn’t known anyone who had a diabetic dog, so I didn’t know the symptoms.  As a result,  I had no idea what was happening when he started showing signs of diabetes.

One morning when I was taking Pancake outside to go to the bathroom, I noticed he was urinating for what seemed like a very long time. He had been very lethargic for a few days, so my first thought was that he might have a urinary tract infection.  I caught a urine sample and ran it up to ACAH for testing. By the time I got home, I got a call from one of the Vet technicians to bring him in immediately. His blood sugar was over 500, and Dr. Hahs knew immediately that he was very critically ill. Not only had he become diabetic without me knowing it, but he had progressed to a very serious condition called “ketoacidosis”. He needed I.V. fluids around the clock, antibiotics, insulin, and other drugs for 7 days and nights before he recovered to the point where I could take him home again.  The photo I have attached shows his happy little face at the precious moment that I put him in the car to take him home from his week of being hospitalized in Intensive Care.

That was 8 months ago, and both our lives changed because of diabetes.  Every 12 hours, I carefully measure out his food and after he eats, I have to give him an insulin injection.  Neither of us like it, and some days it’s easier than others. His blood sugar is checked and regulated by the wonderful team of veterinarians and technicians at ACAH every few weeks, and I watch his diet and behavior carefully every day to look for any signs of a problem.  Diabetes is a very serious but manageable disease, and Pancake and I could not be in better hands than those of Dr. Rosenbek, Dr. Hahs, Dr. Rice, and their helpful and kind support staff of technicians and office managers.  I can’t begin to express my thanks to all of them for their skills, compassion, patience, and their never-ending support. They are all the very best at their jobs, and I wouldn’t have my little Pancake today without them!

– Debbie Graham

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