By: Jamie Jordan –

It’s no secret that local animal shelters are struggling to keep up with the overpopulation of cats and dogs. Despite their great efforts funds and resources are limited. Not only can you ensure your pets won’t inadvertently contribute to the overpopulation problem if spayed or neutered, there are important health benefits, too. Spaying or neutering your cat or dog is generally recommended at the end of their 1st year vaccine series (Usually, 4 ½ -5 months of age). However, some large breed dogs can be the exception to that rule.

Lets cover the health benefits for our female cats and dogs first: Spaying your cat or dog before her first heat cycle can help protect her from mammary cancer, ovarian cancers and cysts, uterine infections, mammary gland tumors, and unwanted pregnancies. Female cats are known for exhibiting some less than ideal behaviors during their heat cycles like aggravated crying and marking outside of the litter box.

As for our male cats and dogs: neutering can help prevent prostate disease, testicular cancers, perianal cancer, and perineal hernias. It can also prevent your cat or dog from wandering off and keep those male cats from spraying in your home.

To help folks reap these health benefits for their pets, and maybe keep some unexpected puppies and kittens out of the shelters, we are offering a discounted pricing on all spays and neuters this month.

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