How to tell if your pet is in pain

By: Jamie Jordan – 

It can be difficult to determine if your pet is in pain. Because dogs and cats are much less likely to be vocal when experiencing pain the clues are often subtle and easy to overlook. Here are a few things we look for when caring for your pets:

If your pet is suddenly aggressive, hiding, or generally acting out of character he or she could be painful. Often, animals will try to protect their injury by not bearing weight on an injured area and avoiding human contact. Even a lack of appetite or grooming can be a signal that your pet isn’t doing well. Sometimes pain can cause your pet to have accidents in the house, be lethargic, tremble or seem restless. There can be many ways your pet lets you know they aren’t doing well. If you have any suspicion your pet may be feeling under the weather, feel free to call. We are happy to help.

Winter Weather Tips

Cold weather can pose some serious health risks to your pets. Here are some helpful guidelines to keep your pets healthy and happy through the cold winter months:

Pets can become disoriented, injured, or even freeze if left in the winter cold for too long. If the temperature reaches below freezing you should bring your pets indoors. Leaving a pet in a vehicle without heat can cause it to freeze. The cold air stays in the insulated  vehicle, essentially creating a refrigerator. Antifreeze is lethal to both cats and dogs so be careful when pouring it. Be sure to clean up any spills immediately. Limit bathing during cold weather. Make sure your pet is fully dry before putting them back outside. And lastly, If your dog or cat is shaved or short haired, consider a  warm garment if it needs to go outside.

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